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Thriving in a post-pandemic world. A new kind of community: Renewal • Enrichment • Resilience.

About Me

In those first dark days after the unthinkable came to pass, when my daughter died in ICU of a drug overdose, I was able to rely on a lifetime of practice to survive. I experienced a complete crisis of belief in myself, in life and in the safety of the Cosmos itself. In this new era, all of us are living some level of this experience. I have come back from the dark night of the soul, having put all that I have learned then and since, reaching for renewal and joy. I desire to work with others. I desire to give these skills to all of you...Pain is a part of life. Suffering is optional. The idea that you cannot change it is rampant and wrong.

Now, ten years later, people come to me for answers about how to navigate from dark places back to a place of aliveness. They ask questions in private sessions, or by posting on-site or in circle. What is the somatic approach to physical injury? Emotional pain? Mental distraction? Negative thoughts? Fearful responses? And how do we regain a sense of comfort, ease, focus, connection, direction, and even happiness regardless of what's going on in the world?

My purpose for living since that one, more substantive loss than any other, is to teach you self-reliance, embodied renewal and the gift of the ability to bounce back over time. Even in the presence of cataclysmic events, move from feeling lack to feeling alive. And to learn how to embody it: somatic learning is a full-on, entire spectrum experience that returns you to a state of equilibrium, enjoyment and ease. 

This is a safe space created for the personal construction of a powerful new frame in answer to the question, "What the *&ˆ% is happening?!?"

  •  Learn ways to stop mental chatter, disconnection and to intercept it, to prevent falling back into internal narratives that are divisive. 
  • A community of people focused on moving into a way of being that is somatic, soothing and generative. 
  • Movement, Meditation, Creativity. Support for "being the change you wish to see..."

Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, LMT, GCFP

Master of Fine Arts, Writing; Licensed Massage Therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Circle Facilitator

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