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creative & somatic renewal after the massive trauma invoked by the global agenda

Find A New Narrative  in cataclysmic times...Bounce back.  

Find Focus More Easily Alone.

Find Focus Amplified Together.

Clearing Space Brings you tools for Somatic Learning & Creativity each month to help you access ease and grace in every area of your life. 

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How You Are Supported


Trauma & Intense Personal Grief: An Affront to the Living or An Opportunity?

Three exclusively curated practices to reconnect you with universal wisdom and the mystery of life. Move OUT of misery and into a new awakening of the mad hatter within who feeds your soul with love and laughter. 


Together is Better: Wherever Two or More Are Gathered Consciousness is Amplified.

We practice our monthly themed relaxation and clearing activations as a community at the height of the New Moon, to lend motivation the wings of group intention and connection.


A Space to Be Yourself and Cultivate Critical Thinking, Collective Consciousness & Creative Writing

Being able to release the pain of the past, enjoy the life of the mind through the nonjudgemental exchanges of ideas, and turning the emotional charge of great loss into generative energy for the creative process is one of the most rewarding experiences in life.

Welcome to a special Space: a private portal (away from social media) for sharing multimedia without censorship.

If you are one of us, you have withstood the pressure to conform, knowing you are the sovereign of your own body. If you have spoken your mind or wanted to now more than ever...we give each other the courage to break the taboo of silence. WE need support to turn anger into determination and determination into determining our future.

Self-Reliance.  A place to regenerate and embody renewal. A place where self care is high on the list because it's how "you do you" with complete authenticity. From that place of feeling at home within, it's a relief to let others do them. 

Perhaps you've been surrounded by the pressure to say you're fine - when you're not?

Profound disillusionment on every front: in medicine, health, relationships, family, work, government makes you question everything you ever thought you knew. Trust has been breached. 

A Nurturing Community with Gabrielle. 
I offer beautifully crafted pathways to clarity. It's a journey that activates your innate metaphysical wisdom. In the presence of cataclysmic events, you are being called to allow that intense pressure to push you over the edge, not into insanity, but into feeling alive in ways you never have before. 

I do what I teach. This is not "book learning" - it's a path of embodied freedom from the pain of trauma - the kind of loss that is not supposed to happen - the kind that the Pandemic has ramped up in every country on the planet. The difference is this: if a parent dies, it's definitely a loss, but an expected death in the course of a lifetime. Whereas what we are now faced with on a global scale is the kind of loss that is unnatural, such as when your child dies before you do. This is what happened to me...and this is why I do what I do.

Pain is a part of life. Suffering is optional. The idea that you cannot change it is rampant and wrong. It's a myth perpetuated by the insurance industry and warped medical conglomerates that are primarily about money and do not concern themselves with your wellbeing.

Now, ten years later after coalescing the work of a lifetime into practices unified to provide immediate relief, people come to me for answers about how to navigate from feeling dead inside to return back to a place of aliveness. They ask questions in private sessions, or by posting on-site or in circle. What is the somatic approach to physical injury? Emotional pain? Mental distraction? Negative thoughts? Fearful responses? And how do we regain a sense of comfort, ease, focus, connection, direction, and even happiness regardless of what's going on in the world?

What provides the juice to live since that one, more substantive loss than any other? 

Even in the presence of cataclysmic events, move from feeling lack to feeling alive. And to learn how to embody it: somatic learning is a full-on, entire spectrum experience that returns you to a state of equilibrium, enjoyment and ease. It's emergent, spontaneous and freeing.

This is a safe space created for the personal construction of a powerful new frame in answer to the question, "What the *&ˆ% is happening?!?"

  •  Learn: ways to stop mental chatter, disconnection and to intercept it, to prevent falling back into internal narratives that are divisive. 
  • Belong: a community of people focused on moving into a way of being that is somatic, soothing and generative. 
  • Experience: Movement, Meditation, Creativity. Support for "being the change you wish to see..."
  • You Get: Full-On Guidance - How to Navigate Consciousness
  • Training: Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Recordings for releasing extensive tension from years of grief
  • Renewal: iRest Meditations for profound, restorative renewal, specifically directed towards connection with the Moon Cycles and with clearing troubling emotions while you rest.
  • Reprogramming: Guided Visualizations that help change your emotional set point. The range of emotions you feel is like your thermostat. Chances are it's been set below neutral in a negative zone for a few years given the global environment of crisis that makes relapsing into a negative habit of thought and emotion all too easy. These Guided Visualizations reset your emotional thermostat to a happier place!
  • Structure: Weekly writing group to help you stay on track with your writing projects.
  • Feedback: from a college level writing instructor when you want input on writing 
  • Instruction: on the Craft of Writing to generate page-turning narrative for a world - as you wish to enjoy it.
  • Connection: Live Women's Wisdom Circles for a deepening of the spontaneous understanding that lies at the root of the profound Wheel of Life that we share on this beautiful planet.
  • Guidance: access divine inspiration from within, discover how to tap into your own downloads from Source, for a life that is magical and full of synchronicity.
  • Opportunity: a chance to meet and co-create with other wise women - as committed to planetary wellbeing as you are - creating a new narrative going forward.
  • Access: together we rise to sustain the best of life, expanding awareness of the unified field of consciousness.

Gabrielle Pullen, MFA, LMT, GCFP

Master of Fine Arts, Writing; Licensed Massage Therapist, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Circle Facilitator

But this is not about me. It's about autonomy.

If you feel it's time to take your life back, this is for you. Let me empower you.

Contribute to a better world. 

Create Space for it.

Right here, right now at creatingspace.mn.co

Explore. Currently, there is no cost. GET IN NOW during open enrollment to access discounts in perpetuity. This is a period of building. The modules of the courses are posting on a regular basis. Once open enrollment HAS BEEN EXTENDED as I reorganize to make things easier for myself and for all of us. After that, many of the resources will remain free, and others will be things you can choose to participate in for  a reasonable price. Finances have to be sustainable, too, not just energy. This is a place to tap into a renewal of energy stores that may have been missing from your life recently! 

But first get a sense of what this is, for I guarantee there is nothing else like it. Nor is there a facilitator that is quite like me; for I have walked in the valley and come out to tell you how to find your way. Personal experience, professional training and years of practice make me the perfect person to help you clear space within for a freedom you only imagined in your fondest dreams.

There is much to learn and to experience that will benefit you in the long run. This is not about a quick fix. It's about living at the speed of the wisdom within you that you have not quite been able to access on your own. See for yourself what sets you free. 

Curious about Gabrielle's  background?